What is Circular Economy

What is Circular Economy

Waste = Food

Contrary to what most people believe, living with waste is not a default state of our lives. It’s widely proven that Waste is a problem intrinsically knitted to our linear consumption model and daily lifestyle choices we made, and therefore Waste is a choice we can opt out of.

When we observe nature, we realise that the natural cycle of the Earth does not produce waste. Just take a look at any natural ecosystem: the rainforest, the mountains, the sea. All of them brimming in abundant with life, and yet there is no waste because anything at the end of its life-cycle becomes “food” for other processes.

A sample case: the leaves of a tree fall down and decompose over time, turning the ground to nutrient-rich soil. Together with sunlight and water, the process provides a suitable environment for new seeds to grow to new trees.

This waste equals food concept is called Circular Economy: a regenerative, waste-free planetary cycle that has been self-sustaining and growing for millennias. This is our default, THE system we are born to enjoy and maintain.

But alas, enjoy we do, but maintain we do not!

The Plastic Issue

Over time we develop new “materials” that goes against the natural cycle. Plastic, for example, is often used only once and thrown away, yet the material is extremely durable. Thrown-away plastic persists in nature for thousands of years, if not forever.

Each plastic produced can still be found somewhere on Earth. The best case scenario is that some of the plastics get recycled and reused one more time. In the worst case, plastic finds its way to contaminate our land and oceans, disrupting the ecosystem and ingested by various species who often mistaken small plastic pieces (called micro-plastics) as food, including animals that comprise part of our food chain like fish. The cycle completes when we consume these contaminated seafood, unknowingly infesting our bodies with various harmful chemicals.


Take a stance against single-use plastic simply by saying no. Arm yourself with zero waste essentials: reusable bag, handkerchief, water flask, lunch box and reusable cutleries, and take a step forward to your circular lifestyle!