My Zero Waste Rubbish Jar

My Zero Waste Rubbish Jar

It’s been six months now since I began collecting my rubbish in a jar to prove that a zero waste lifestyle in Hong Kong is possible.

I took my jar around the city, to introduce this low impact lifestyle to whoever was willing to listen: from friends to (un)sympathetic strangers, businesses and government officials, start-up communities and investors.

While physical rubbish is not the only waste in my life – there’s energy consumption, other carbon footprints and toxins in molecular levels that still plague us living in a linear economy –  reducing 99.9% of what’s visible is still a radical move in Hong Kong and the World, despite what our echo chamber tells us.

A zero waste jar is a shock symbol: a powerful inspirational piece extolling our circular aspirations; a call to action; a reminder that each one of us can do (and should do) a great deal to form part of the solution.

Let’s educate ourselves and live an Awakened Life. We can begin by making a conscious daily choice to improve ourselves, our community, and our planet.