Aquaponics Farm

Aquaponics Farm

An Interview with Ray Lok

Agro entrepreneurs Ray Lok and business partner Leon Yao, are both well-established industrialists and business professionals in their own right. Their successful Evergreens Republic project has been hailed a success thanks their thorough and clear agronomic vision with well-established market channels.

The farm, spanning over half an acre in the countryside of Hong Kong, is the first Aquaponic farm in Hong Kong and the largest in South East Asia.

Q: What exactly is aquaphonic farming?

A: Aquaponics is a recirculating system that combines hydroponics – growing plants in water without soil – and aquaculture – fish farming) to create an efficient closed loop system. We use fish poo/excrement and nutrient rich waste-water from the fish tanks to feed the plants.

The micro bacteria converts the waste nutrients into fertiliser to feed the plants; the plants then purify the water which is pumped back into the tanks.

Q: How do you manage to ensure that everything runs smoothly?

A: From the outset we realised the importance of maintenance and the responsibility that comes with running a successful, profitable aquaponic farm of this scale. We commissioned an expert Farming Operations Manager to work with our niche team of farm hands, which ensures our daily schedules of harvesting, seeding, feeding, plant care, fish care and water quality monitoring is guaranteed to keep our farm healthy.

Q: What is the aim of the project?

A: The project aims to be a big part of the rapidly developing growing organic food market in Hong Kong and provide fresh, naturally grown, pesticide free produce.

The farm holds the potential to boost the local market supply by almost 20%. The system will be driven by three tons of locally hatched Jade Perch and will feature gravel beds, deep water culture troughs and wicking beds.

Q: And your vision for the future?

A: Evergreens Republic Farm is a showcase of the best of WaterFarmers design and planning. At 70% productive land usage the Aquaponic farm is set to generate 100 tons of premium quality produce annually.

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