Paola Cortese holding her zero waste jar - nothing to waste

Nothing to waste

Nothing to waste

Paola Cortese holding her zero waste jar - nothing to waste

Our founder, Paola Cortese was interviewed recently by Kate Springer for Liv. Hong Kong’s Wellness Magazine. “Nothing To Waste”

To give you a taster, the following are a few lines extracted from the three-page cover story article, Nothing To Waste, printed in February 2018.

Extract from Liv. Magazine Nothing to Waste - Paola Cortese LoopUnite! interview


“As Paola Cortese walks around my studio apartment, she nonchalantly quizzes me about my lifestyle habits. How often do you order takeout? Do you buy takeaway coffee, or bring a thermos? Do you sort your trash and drop it off for recycling? Do you compost? Do you buy plastic water bottles?…

We sit down at my dining room table and without any judgement she explains her mission at LoopUnite! To help average city dwellers reduce their personal waste by 80 percent in one month via organised coaching programmes.”

Hong Kong has a huge waste problem,” says Cortese. “A lot of people want to make changes but don’t know where to start.

Good News

The zero waste pioneer says it’s actually much easier than it sounds. “You need to do three things to really achieve an 80% reduction in waste: reuse, recycle, compost.”

The company’s coaching programmes help other Hongkongers take on the challenge with a clear strategy, manageable goals and an enthusiastic support network.

“Instead of everyone going through the research and trial-and-error, I designed these classes to make it easier to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle, says Cortese.

“With this approach, people can reduce waste by 80 percent in one month, something that took me a year to achieve on my own.”

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You can read the January 2018 edition online here.

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