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Zero Waste Living in Hong Kong

It was a full house at Mettā’s recent event “Zero Waste Living in Hong Kong”. We were joined by Paola Cortese and Hannah Chung, both passionate about reducing waste and improving Hong Kong’s circular economy.

With some heated debates, it is clear that Hong Kong has a powerful community willing – or already making – steps towards a waste free and more sustainable city.

Our latest newsletter is a summary of helpful tips and links proffered by Paola and Hannah to equip yourself with zero waste essentials, where to get them and what to read and watch to discover more.

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Rise of the sharing economy

Our founder, Paola, made the paper again this week, this time highlighting her skills as an entrepreneur.

South China Morning Press were primarily reporting on LinkedIn’s prediction that freelancers will represent 43 per cent of the global workforce by 2020, and the fact that since the 2008 recession, some Hong Kong companies have adopted contracting as a means to manage staff numbers more efficiently.

The article also covered the rise of the sharing economy in Hong Kong naming Uber, Airbnb, and PlateCulture as a few examples. They highlighted Paola as one who, with her entrepreneurial outlook, benefits from this new sharing economy. Two or three times a week she hosts guests registered with PlateCulture in her home where they enjoy home-prepared and cooked Indonesian food.

“It’s a good side income for me and also helps me improve my cooking skills,” says Paola. “Very little capital is required as well, plus hosting is fun!

PlateCulture also enables Paola to easily follow her zero waste lifestyle, something she feels passionate about.

You can read the full SCMP article here

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Paola Cortese-D'arcy

Paola’s War on Waste

Paola was interviewed by South China’s Morning Post reporter, Harminder Singh, in July to explain how she managed to fit all her household waste from the previous six months into a small jar. For comparison, this equates to less than 1 per cent of the waste produced by the average Hongkonger.

The article tells how Paola was inspired by the zero-waste movement around the World and why she is leading her personal mission to reduce the amount of rubbish generated in Hong Kong.

‘I found the game-changer to be if you have a composting strategy, a recycling strategy, and refusing certain things.’ says Paola, ‘That helps to reduce around 80 per cent of your waste.’

You can read the full article online here.


Image by Jonathan Wong courtesy of South China Morning Post