Why reduce your waste?

Real change starts with us. The bulk of the daily municipal solid waste consists of recyclables and compostables, most of which could be diverted from landfill. The rest can be easily avoided with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Instead of waiting for others to solve our issues, we can take matters into our own hands and the most effective way is to live a zero waste lifestyle!

How? By following the Rs of Zero Waste.

Why Loop Coach?

Finding the correct guide and resources to live Zero Waste in Hong Kong can be tough. Most guides are US or Europe oriented, which may not easily translate into solving specific issues in Hong Kong.

Our Loop Tribe Coach will guide your waste reduction journey and show you how to live a zero waste lifestyle in Hong Kong.

Loop Coach is result-driven, effective, and affordable. If you follow the programme, you will see an immediate and dramatic waste reduction, and improved quality of life.

Discover more about our Loop Coach Programmes for 2018: Low Impact Lifestyle, Zero Waste Lifestyle and Circular Lifestyle

Featured Clients


Rowena Gonzales
CEO of Liquid Interiors

Paola did an amazing presentation for my company and all of a sudden my designers were bringing their plastic to the office to recycle!

Alex Hickling
Director of Tammarak Recruitment

Paola was invited to our office to discuss and introduce the concept of a zero waste lifestyle to our team. She described the journey that she undertook to reduce her waste to only 150g in one year and how with very simple changes, anyone can cut their waste very quickly. Paola is hugely knowledgeable and a passionate advocate of the zero waste initiative. If anyone is trying to understand how they can live more sustainably without making any major changes to their life then Paola is the person to speak to!

Martin Cai
Race Director of The Green Race

Special thanks to LoopUnite for mitigating waste at the Immortals event! We’ve spent a lot of time moving towards zero waste with our racepacks, and with our logistics, but waste has always been an issue. We hope to work with LoopUnite at future events.

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